The Strategic Planning Council

The Strategic Planning Council was established by President Allen who appointed faculty, staff, students, alumni and trustees with the following charge:

The role of the Lincoln University Strategic Planning Council is:
  • To advise the president on the development, coordination, integration and evaluation of the strategic plan;
  • To study and interpret data relevant to the institution and the external environment;
  • To assist in engaging the total institutional community as fully as possible in the planning process and in communicating with key stakeholders.

Three task forces were established to assist with key components of the planning process. The Situation Analysis Task Force was responsible for collecting and interpreting data to better understand the planning context and identify strategic issues. The Stakeholders Conference Task Force assisted in planning a large group event designed to engage the university’s major stakeholders in the planning process. The Outcomes and Measures Task Force developed outcome statements and suggested ways to measure progress toward achieving the mission and vision.

Council Members

Position and titles as of June 2018

Dr. Emmanuel Babatunde, Chair, Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice

Ms. Marion Bernard-Amos, Director, Title III Programs

Ms. Carole Black, Alumna

Ms. Breanna Boase, Student Representative

Dr. Tedra Booker, Visiting Professor

Ms. Diane Brown, Chief of Staff & Manager, Office of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Marilyn Button, Chair and Professor, English Program, Department of Languages and Literature

Ms. Cobyn Savage-Byers, Student Representative

Dr. Tondolaya Carroll, Chair and Assistant Professor, Department of Business & Entrepreneurial Studies

Dr. Dorcas Colvin, Consultant

Ms. Nancy Evans, Director,  Academic Technology Support

Ms. Ruth Evans, Director, Department of Public Safety

Ms. Crystal Faison, Consultant

Rev. Frederick Faison, Chaplain & Director of Religious Activities

Mr. Charles Gradowski, Vice President, Division of Fiscal Affairs

Ms. Rochelle Gray, Associate Director/Employee Relations, Office of Human Resources

Ms. Ellisiah “Eli” Hall,  Student Representative

Mr. Tomell Harbison,  Student Representative

Ms. Deborah Johnson, Director, Office of Alumni Relations

Ms. Tamarrin Johnson, Student Representative

Dr. James Jones, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Dr. Patricia Joseph, Dean, College of Professional, Graduate, and Extended Studies; Acting Dean College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Professor Sociology & Criminal Justice

Ms. Jernice Lea, Director, Graduate Student Admissions

Dr. Lenetta Lee, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs; Dean of Students

Ms. Tiffany Lee, Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning

Dr. Marlayne Manley, Director, Student Support Services

Mr. Stephen McDaniel, Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Ms. Vanessa McRae, Director of Undergraduate Research

Mr. Thomas Nash, Student Representative

Ms. Evelyn Poe, Associate Director, First Year Program, Center for Advising & Student Achievement

Dr. Patricia Ramsey, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Frederick “Sutton” Sinclair, Student

Mr. Harry Stinson, Director, Department of Athletics

Ms. Maureen Stokes, Associate Vice President, External Relations, Marketing and Communications

Dr. Charles Sutton, Director, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Ms. Kimberly Taylor-Benns, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Mr. Joe Tillman, Network Engineer, Voice and Data

Dr. Roselle Wilson, Interim Vice President, Division of Student Affairs

Mr. Joe Williams, Trustee