First Year Program

The year long First Year Program is designed to assist first year students during their transition from pre-college to college life. Simply put, we want to improve your chances of succeeding and staying in college.

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Check out these interactive on-demand workshops, brought to you by Student Lingo. Action plans and additional resources are offered at the end of each workshop to help you achieve your academic goals. Watch these 30-minute workshops anywhere you have access to the internet and a computer or tablet, day or night! Online workshops count towards weekly drawings, portfolios and an end of the semester Kindle drawing.  View the flyer here.

The primary goals of the First Year program are to…

  • Provide a common learning experience through the First Year Experience (FYE 101) course, which will address the challenges incoming students face and familiarize students with the opportunities available at Lincoln University.
  • Provide Intrusive and Appreciative Advisement to all first year students through consistent contact with your academic advisor, which also serves as your FYE 101 course instructor.  Each FYE 101 section is assigned a Peer Mentor to help your transition to collegiate life be a smooth as possible.
  • Provide opportunities for students to improve the necessary critical thinking skills associated with collegiate courses through rich class readings and discussion, Freshman Assembly, university-wide convocation, and other co-curricular activities/programs
  • Provide co-curricular learning opportunities in your residential living environment through the Residential Learning Communities to build strong bridges between the academic and student affairs.  Interact with the faculty at the Major Mixers to learn more about how the academic departments and majors can help you reach your goals.  Learn more about financial literacy and how to make the most of using school loans to pay for your education.
  • Promote the development of values aligned with Lincoln's rich tradition and history.

The Freshman Year Program offers the First Year Experience,  a 3-credit course designed to address the challenges incoming students face and to familiarize students with the opportunities available at Lincoln University.
Topics addressed in the course include:

  1. The Historical Black College and University tradition in general and Lincoln University tradition in particular, 
  2. The academic programs available at Lincoln University,
  3. Development of social skills and academic skills for collegiate success, 
  4. The rules and regulations governing campus conduct, and
  5. The support services available on campus.

Students will attend lectures, recitals, and convocations offered throughout the semester as the basis for class discussions.  Students will also participate in library research/computer literacy, writing, speaking, and critical thinking. This course will be taken in the freshman year and monitored by the Freshmen Year Program.  Access the full FYE 101 website.


FYE 101 Student Learning Outcomes:

Students will able to:

  • Identify and demonstrate effective study techniques through quizzes and tests, 
  • Describe significant events in the history of Lincoln University via group discussions,
  • Demonstrate a satisfactory awareness of financial literacy appropriate for today’s college students,
  • Conduct library research and demonstrate Information and Technological Competency; Students will be required to effectively access, research and obtain college resources and online sources; and prepare a written assignment.
  • Communicate effectively through written communication and oral communication utilizing digital formats,
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills,
  • Develop a 3-semester academic plan to include the general education requirements needed for gradation, 
  • Demonstrate Technological Competency by constructing a website to post course assignments and confirm the ability to locate campus resources and support services locations, 
  • Develop an awareness and appreciation for community service.

FYE 101 Required Course Materials

The textbook for the FYE 101 course is comprised of the online materials/information listed below in addition to materials distributed in class sessions.  The three PDF files below may also be downloaded onto  a smartphone, iPad (iBooks), tablet, or other gadget.  A folder is also required  to keep all  materials organized and is to be brought to each class session as part of  participation grade.

FYP Co-Curricular Programs

Peer Educators

Our Peer Educators are dedicated to assisting students improve their quest toward graduation.  The Peer Educators consist of:  Peer Mentors, Peer Tutors, and Peer Wellness Coaches.  These educators demonstrate to the campus community how to be an exceptional student. They  set a goal  to be accepted into highly selective graduate and professional school,or to be fast-tracked into the highly competitive, professional job market. 

In each FYE 101 section, there is an assigned Peer Mentor that has demonstrated academic and social excellence during their first two years at Lincoln University.  Their role is to assist the instructor with the operation of the course. The mentors work with each of the students in the section to ensure that they receive the most out of their first year experience.  The mentors will monitor the FYE Study Sessions, conduct BOSS sessions, conduct class sessions, develop questions for class discussions and quizzes, facilitate course Study Groups, organize the “Freshman of the Year” Program, etc. 

Peer Tutors are juniors and seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence in their coursework and have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher.  These students work with all Lincoln University students by assisting them one-on-one with specific coursework by appointment, conducting BOSS sessions, staffing Major Mixers and Midnight Registration Parties, facilitating course Study Groups and providing drop-in assistance to students as well.  Each of our tutors/mentors receive professional tutor and  peer advisement training.    

The Peer Wellness Coach provides activities for our first year students that emphasize the importance of the mind, body and spirit working together to improve student performance.  Studies show that when bodies operate at an optimal capacity, the student performs better in class.  The student created website offers a wealth of knowledge through articles, videos, surveys, etc. to empower the whole student.

Freshmen Study Sessions

Each FYE 101 student is to complete a minimum of five (5) hours of study monitored by any of the FYE 101 Peer Mentors.  These study sessions are used to acclimate the new students to the necessity of consistent study in preparation for the rigors of the collegiate academic program.   The study sessions are incorporated into the FYE 101 course to give the FYE student the foundation for academic excellence and success. These sessions will be calculated into the Participation portion of the final FYE 101 grade (40%). This is an effective way to give the final FYE 101 grade a boost, while becoming a better student.

Intriguing Topics and Experiences by Notable Scholars and Artists

Throughout the year, Lincoln University will host programs with world-renowned scholars, faculty- in- residence, and even Student Scholars-in-the-Making, that enlighten the community on topics such as: "Coming Out of Your Shell: Joining Organizations," "The World is Yours and Study Abroad Can Make It Happen," "Africa & the Nile Valley Civilization" with Prof. Anthony Browder, "Hip Hop & Mainstream Media" with Solomon Comissiong, "An Evening with the Philly Pops Orchestra," and many more!  Attendance and accompanying assignments will be calculated into the participation portion of the final FYE 101 grade (40%).

Major Mixers

Mingle and chat with faculty about the exciting departmental major/minor opportunities. Hear firsthand from the experts what each major entails and how the majors/minors can help  achieve personal  goals. Also talk to current student majors about their reasons for selecting a  major. Come with   questions ready for this informative affair. Information opportunities  highlighted are: graduate school, scholarships, internships, careers and compensation, research, summer enrichment, travel enrichment, faculty research interests, etc.

Midnight Registration Parties

At midnight of the first date freshmen are allowed to register, first year students in the freshman halls come together to be some of the first students to enter and complete the registration process.  Courses fill up quickly, so these sessions are a fun way for  students to help students be among  the first freshmen  to register for the following semester. Peer Mentors, Peer Advisors, Resident Advisors, and Resident Coordinators will be on hand to assist.

BOSS Sessions

Through the year, opportunities will be provided for Boosting Our Study Skills.  These BOSS session topics are based on subjects that students have requested and that have proven to be necessary for student success.  Some topics include:  Becoming a Successful Student, Getting the Most out of Your Time, Note-Taking Strategies, Effectively Communicating with Faculty, Getting Through your Textbooks.