The Lincoln Fund - Unrestricted Support

The Lincoln Fund is the University’s fund that provides unrestricted support. It is a vital source of institutional support that infuses our budget with funding to meet a myriad of needs. It is one of many income streams that allow the University not only to maintain a balanced budget but also to fund the activities the many departments at their requested levels.

Donations to the Lincoln Fund are considered an unrestricted gift.

Of the many ways the Lincoln Fund is so critical to the success of the University and our students, here are a few examples:

  • Financial Aid: Ninety-six percent of Lincoln’s students receive financial aid in the form of grants and loans. But this aid does not cover 100% of costs. And loans become an increasing burden to students when they graduate and their families. Your gifts enable Lincoln to increase the amount of financial support available to our students.
  • Academic Enrichment: Your gift benefits student learning, faculty teaching, and collaborative research by funding academic departments, curriculum development, library acquisitions, technology services, student conference participation.
  • Athletics: Your gift supports all of our athletic teams in a variety of ways, from the maintenance and improvement of our athletic facilities to coaches’ salaries, to equipment and uniforms. Lincoln athletes tend to have higher GPAs and graduation rates than the overall student body. Truly they are “student-athletes’.
  • Campus & Facilities: Your gift provides funding for the maintenance, grounds- and house-keeping, upgrades, and beautification that the campus and facilities require in order to meet the living and learning needs of our community.
  • Student Life: Your gift supports opportunities and resources such as student government, clubs and activities, career development, and other extra-curricular activities so that the Lincoln experience is one that educates the whole student.<
  • Greatest Need: Your gift allows Lincoln the greatest flexibility by providing support without restrictions. This option allows the University to determine where your gift will make the greatest impact.

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Your participation as a donor makes a difference—no gift is too small or too large!