Band History

In August 2007, Prof. H. Wade Johnson came to Lincoln University to build one of the PREMIER collegiate band programs in the country and to this date, that expectation has been met and exceeded.  The first band ensemble consisted of 13 members and only performed at basketball games and other special campus events.  In the second year, the role of the band was expanded, as it began to perform at all home football games during its Inaugural season. 

Over the years, the band has continued to flourish and has become one of the most respected, popular programs on the campus and in the country.  The Lincoln University “ORANGE CRUSH” consists of mixture of student-musicians and auxiliary, that strive bring a unique approach to instrumental music and band performances. 

Today, the band is constantly invited to perform at various stadiums, arenas, parades and high schools  across the country, which includes: Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, The Carolinas and Florida.