Reports and Proposals, 2017-18

Documents reviewed and/or voted on in Faculty Meetings



05-01-2018 Museums Studies Minor (Revised)
MSM Minor Rationale
17-18 Report of instructor_course survey
Faculty Council: Annual Facutly Standing Committees Year End Reports 
04-03-2018 Updated List of Proposed By-Laws Changes –March 2018 
The Chronicle - Can a Signature Program Save your College
HSC407 PTCPrep Course Submission Form
MSM_Rationale Document
MSM101_Course Submission Form
MSM101 Introduction to the World of Museums
MSM310 Collections Care and Management
MSM310_Course Submission Form
MSM320 Course Submission Form
MSM320 Museum Education and Interpretation
MSM321 Exhibition Design and Development
Museum Studies Major_PSLOs_CHAPP
Museum Studies Major Four Year Sequence
02-06-2018 Faculty Bylaws
Computer Science Cybersecurity Track
Computer Science General Application Track
Computer Science Gaming Track
CSC Core Requirements
Faculty Meeting Agenda - February 6, 2018
11-07-2017 Faculty Meeting Agenda - November 7, 2017
10-24-2017 Proposed Changes to Faculty By-Laws
10-03-2017 Faculty Meeting Agenda - October 3, 2017
Proposed Faculty Bylaws - September 21, 2017
Executive Summary of Bylaw Changes - September 21, 2017
Grad Syllabus Template (7 Week)
Grad Syllabus Template (15 Week)
HSC-230 Introduction to Health Science Course Submission
HSC-230 Introduction to Health Science Syllabus
Faculty Standing Committees
09-05-2017 Faculty Meeting Minutes 9-05-17