Master of Arts in Human Services Administration (MHSA)

Program Goals

The Master of Arts in Human Services Administration (MHSA) Program is designed for working adults with administrative/supervisory positions in human services agencies who are looking to gain graduate credentials and move up the career ladder. The MHSA program builds on prior knowledge and experience as it prepares experienced human service workers to bring about effective change through a combination of academic and performance-based learning, using a systems approach to research and solve problems at the personal, agency, and community levels. The program’s aim is to produce leaders with the skills to administer programs effectively, develop and implement policies efficiently, and manage employees ethically and productively.  It requires 30 hours of academic credit, a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 (B) or better, and can be completed in one academic year.  


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Students exiting the MHSA Program will be able to

  1. Develop appropriate ethical interventions and apply them to field-based projects.
  2. Differentiate between individual, group and organizational dynamics to facilitate positive behavioral change in field-based projects.
  3. Evaluate principles of organizational and social change in systems, illustrating how they impact field-based projects.
  4. Use action research to design and evaluate a field-based grant proposal and display professional communication skills in a written and oral presentation of that project and in a portfolio of current administrative skills and knowledge. 






HSA 614 Writing Skills for Human Services Practitioners
HSA 731 Group Dynamics, Ethical Issues & Systems Analysis of Group Interaction


HSA 711 Professional Ethics
HSA 722 Theories of Counseling


HSA 743 Social Systems Intervention, Marketing, Managerial Planning and Outcome Assessment
HSA 649  Tools and Models for Human Service Managers


HSA 744 Action Research
HSA 659 Planning and Effecting Community Change


HSA 752 Social Systems Innovation and Change at the Organizational, Community and Societal Levels

HSA 745 Theory and Practice Integration – Capstone