Health Science (BS, BA)

Program Goals

The Health Science (HS) major is designed to prepare students for graduate study in the allied health disciplines. Students selecting the Health Science major in the Health Science department understand that this major is a preparatory program and that they must seek a masters degree in their area of interest after graduating with a BS degree from Lincoln University. Health Science faculty advisors work closely with these students and assist in the application process to graduate schools.


  • Describe the five body systems and explain their function (musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and reproductive).
  • Demonstrate personal, professional, and ethical competency
  • Assess health status (nutritional, fitness, etc.).
  • Plan health program interventions.
  • Implement health programs.
  • Collaborate with all constituents to assess, plan, implement and evaluate program strategies.
  • Communicate (in verbal and written form) health programs goals, rationales, interventions, results.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of health programs, interventions, leaders/trainers, and the instructional/leadership methods.
  • Analyze, evaluate, and solve first aid problems.
  • Identify and explain the legal/ethical basis for health services
  • Apply the scientific method to identify a health problem; collect, analyze, interpret data; and derive conclusions.


Please see the University Catalog for more information and program requirements.


For more information contact the Health Science Department.