Political Science (BS, BA, minor)

Program Goals

The Discipline of Politics or Political Science is both ancient and modern at the same time. It is the struggle for power, a phenomenon so vital to society that Aristotle declared: “Politics is the master science upon which all of civilization depends” (3rd C. BCE).

The mission of the Political Science program is to prepare students for careers and advanced training in politics, law, public administration, and related fields. In that regard, the department provides students with instruction related to both American and international politics and institutions, as well as, the phenomena that affect them. Graduates of the program will be able to apply their knowledge as they become active citizens and leaders. To these ends, the political science department will:

  1. Provide broad training across Political Science subfields so as to give the student enough perspective to choose and succeed in graduate and professional schools or career options that best suit him or her.
  2. Prepare the student to be competent in analyzing political phenomena both in writing and orally.
  3. Prepare the student to conduct empirical research.


  • Define knowledge of American domestic political institutions, such as: the U.S. Presidency, the U.S. Congress, and the U.S. Judiciary, as well as their constitutional foundations.
  • Analyze and evaluate classical and modern political theories.
  • Compare and contrast presidential and parliamentary systems of government.
  • Conduct in-depth country studies in all areas of the world.
  • Differentiate between the principles of realism and idealism in relation to international decision-making.
  • Apply quantitative and/or qualitative research techniques in producing an empirical research project theory


Please see the University Catalog for more information and program requirements.


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