University Branding

The Office of Communications and Public Relations wants to be sure faculty and staff have the right tools to effectively communicate the Lincoln brand. We’ve put together the most requested resources here.  Let the audience know it's Lincoln by including a Lincoln University logo or seal on your flyers and incorporate university colors.

*Any external vendor, organization, group or person(s) using Lincoln's logo(s) and/or wordmark(s) must be licensed. To learn more click Licensing.

  University Seal

University Seal

Use the seal only when the wordmark will not work.


  • Color (blue and orange): Seal (jpg) | Seal (png) | Seal (eps)


  Brand Colors


18     42     109


100, 94, 28, 17



249    107     7


0, 72, 100, 0


Process Black

Spec Sheet

*Downloads available*

The Lincoln University trademark was designed using the official University typefaces: Source Serif Pro and Ronnia. Source Serif Pro and Ronnia should ONLY be used for headlines, callouts, and pride moments.


Primary Typeface

Source Serif Pro (font used for “Lincoln University” wordmark)

Download here


Ronnia (font used for “Learn. Liberate. Lead.” wordmark)

Download here


Body Copy (Secondary Typeface)

Lincoln Univesity utilizes serif and sans serif typography. Secondary typefaces should only be used for subheads, body copy, and callouts. 


  • Serif

Minion (preferred)

Download here



Download here


  • Sans Serif

Source Sans Pro (preferred)

Download here



Download here


  Editorial Style Guide

All materials produced by university units should adhere to the guidelines set forth in the university Style Guide.

Lincoln University Editorial Style Guide

Communicating Effectively

The Office of Communications and Public Relations wants to be sure you have the right tools to help you effectively communicate the Lincoln brand as you begin your job. We've created this helpful guide to assist you transition into your new role.

Lincoln University Effective Communication Guide

  Boilerplate and Tagline

Lincoln University, the nation’s first degree-granting Historically Black College and University (HBCU), educates and empowers students to lead their communities and change the world. Lincoln offers a rigorous liberal arts education to a diverse student body of approximately 2,200 men and women in more than 35 undergraduate graduate programs.

Learn. Liberate. Lead.

  Social Media

Official Lincoln University Social Media Accounts: 


Social Media Directory and Policies

For social media policies and a directory of all known university social media accounts, visit the social media directory. If a unit’s social media account is not listed on this page or this information needs to be updated, please email

Units that wish to open a social media account should consult the Office of Communications prior to opening a new account.

Offices that have existing accounts should post regularly (at least monthly). If an account is dormant, the unit should discuss closing the account or creating a plan to begin updating it regularly. Be sure the login information is stored in a safe place to ensure that the account remains active over time.

University accounts are not permitted to use the official university logo, which is in place to protect the identity and brand of the institution. Only the official University-wide accounts operated by the Office of Communications use the University logo.

Name guidelines: For consistency, university-endorsed accounts must include "Lincoln" either in the account handle, description, or address.

  Letterhead, Business Cards, Memo and Stationery
  • Envelopes: Complete the Envelope Order Form available on Purchasing's webpage to order envelopes. A standard template is already in place. To complete the order form, you will need to know:
    • the department name;
    • the size of the envelope;
    • the color (one-colo or multiple colors (example: blue or orange/blue); and
    • the quantity.
  • Memos: Download template
  • Letterhead: Download template. Note: The letterhead template is password protected.  Please contact the Office of Communications for the password.
  • Business Cards: Complete the online request form
  Graphic Design

Units are encouraged to use the free online website Canva or if available Spark for their day-to-day graphics needs such as creating a flyer for an event or making a social media graphic. 

In Canva, users should upload the University's logo and enter the University's brand colors to ensure consistency. 

  Email Signature Templates

Email Signatures

Every email you send from a address communicates the Lincoln University brand. Having consistent email signatures across users — just as printed business cards are consistent — communicates that the workforce is professional and coordinated. Please review the signature options and examples on the following pages, decide what fields you want to include, then substitute in your information based on the template provided on page 3.



Filming on Campus and Photo Releases

Learn about filming on campus and photo releases

Stock Campus Photos

Making a flyer, brochure, PowerPoint, or report? We’ve put together some of our favorite campus and people photos into two online albums. Want your University webpage to have new photos? Choose photos to give your materials a fresh, customized look. Photos are on Flickr and linked in the footer of every webpage. Albums “Campus” and “People of Lincoln University” are convenient. Having trouble downloading photos from Flickr? View this helpful graphic


Retractable, stand-alone banners that measure approximatily 30 inches wide and 6 feet tall are available for units to borrow from most University divisions. Contact the division office to which your unit reports. 


As part of Lincoln University's licensing program, all entities and businesses that use the University's logos and marks are required to carry a license with the University.  This license is managed through the licensing agency CLC/Brand Manager 360

Learn the steps to get licensed or begin by completing the online application at The steps include submitting a product sample, a one-time $250 application fee, obtaining product liability insurance, and ordering hologram labels/tags. Allow 4-6 weeks to complete the licensing process. 

If you have any questions as you fill out the application, please contact for assistance.

  Virtual Backgrounds