Research Assistance Program - Library

The Research Assistance Program (RAP) is a “need-centered” library program that provides students with one-on-one assistance with their term papers and other research here at the Langston Hughes Memorial Library. With the tremendous growth in both computerized and traditional paper resources housed in the library, it is imperative that students have a thorough understanding of these basic search tools. RAP is designed to provide this extra assistance.

Through RAP students will be provided with:

  • Techniques for effective search strategies when employing an electronic resource.
  • Individual assistance in formulating a more focused research topic.
  • Help to identify the proper subject headings, terms, descriptors and controlled vocabulary germane to the student’s research.
  • Suggestions of paper library sources that might be more appropriate given the nature of the research topic.
  • The critical thinking skills necessary to distinguish between documents located through a general Internet search via Google or Yahoo, and materials found on one of our proprietary full-text reference databases like the EBSCOhost Research Databases, LEXIS/NEXIS Academic Universe or Scifinder Scholar and the General Science Full-text.

Students can schedule an appointment any time during the semester. To set-up a RAP consultation contact the Library Director.