Cable TV Quick Reference Guide

Lincoln University uses a digital cable service provider to distribute Cable TV throughout the campus. As a result, there are certain requirements that are necessary to have to be able to access servcies through this system.

Device Compatibility

List of TVs not to buy:

  • Element
  • Westinghouse
  • Apex
  • Seiki

Digital Tuner Requirements  – All TVs MUST have a Clear Quam digital tuner inside the television set to operate in the University cable system. Otherwise, the student would need to purchase a digital converter box.

Digital Converter Boxes – Preferred Model: iView 3500STB-Media Player Digital Converter Box

Router/Modem Policy – Wireless routers and modems are NOT allowed on campus. Wireless access points (WAP's) are installed on each floor of every residence hall for internet access for all students.

Repair/Maintenance Requests

  • My television is stuck on one channel, what do I do? 
    Contact the IT Help Desk at 484 365 8134
  • My television will not display any channels even after the channel scan has it complete. 
    Contact the IT Help Desk at 484 365 8134
  • The wall jack is disconnected and/or broken? 
    Contact the IT Help Desk at 484 365 8134