Special Needs Housing Accommodations - OSS

When admitted to the University, students interested in University housing are required to complete a Residence Life Housing Accommodation form and submit it to the Office of Residence Life.  Students who require special housing accommodations due to a documented disability covered by the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), must complete the required section on the Residence Life Housing Application.  Requests for housing or residence life accommodations will be granted only if these requests are reasonable and are supported by the student’s documented medical, psychological, or disability related needs. Disabilities covered by ADA includes, but not limited to, visual impairments, permanent physical disabilities, chronic medical conditions, and psychiatric disabilities may require special housing accommodations based on their condition.  The provision of all reasonable accommodations is based upon assessment of the impact of the student’s disabilities.  Some disabilities have a prognosis that traditionally changes after treatment or over time and in some cases documentation may need to be updated to identify the current level of functioning even when documentation is less than three years old.

In collaboration with the Office of Residence Life, housing accommodations are determined based on the documented need and prevailing standards for reasonable accommodations.

Special housing accommodations require advanced planning and documentation. Limited space available!  Rooms issued on first-come, first-serve basis; after which a waiting list will commence.

Students must apply for accommodations each year and provide supporting documentation from a physician. 

The Special Needs Housing program adheres to all guidelines outlined by the Office of Residence Life such as:

  • Students must pay their housing deposit by the scheduled deadline date
  • Student’s account balance must meet Lincoln University’s financial requirement

Follow these six easy steps to enroll!

Step One:    On the student housing application, please indicate if you need accommodations due to a disability.  Students must have paid the housing fee before the deadline in order to apply for special housing accommodations.

Step Two:     Students must have their diagnosing physician complete the Documented Disability Form in its entirety.  Students must complete the Self-Identification form.  

Step Three:    All completed forms must be submitted to Director of Student Support Services.  Clear faxed copies are acceptable. RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY:  The Special Needs Housing program begins accepting documentation for accommodations in February, if applying for the upcoming academic year.  All incoming freshmen should submit documentation upon paying their enrollment deposit.  

Step Four:    All documentation is thoroughly reviewed by the Director of Student Support Services according to the ADA (1990) standards.    

Step Five:    RETURNING STUDENTS:  Notification of approvals/denials are sent to your campus mailbox.  Ensure to select a room through room selection if you have not received a notification letter before your assigned lottery date.   If applying during summer break, notification letters are mailed to the permanent address listed in the University's database.  

Step Six:      Office of Student Support Services notifies Residence Life of your approval status. 


Additional Information
Asthma documentation should include suggestions for minimizing the allergic reactions to most common allergies.  Documentation should include:

  • Diagnosis and allergens
  • Frequency of attacks (i.e. constant, intermittent)
  • Severity of attacks (i.e. mild, moderate, severe)
  • Current medications and prescriptive treatments
  • Recommendation to assist in controlling allergens within university housing

Please note:  Documentation is considered incomplete/invalid if it does not include all information as stated above.

Allergies are NOT considered a disability as defined under the ADA; therefore accommodations are not granted solely on this condition as stated under Lincoln University’s Special Needs Housing Accommodations guideline.

What if I am a new student to Lincoln University?
Newly enrolled students who have yet to arrive on campus should identify on their Lincoln University application and Residence Life Housing application form that they have a disability.  The student should then send the completed forms as stated above to the Office of Student Support Services.  A letter will be sent to the address listed on file confirming your status in the special housing program.  Please note:  Program enrollment is not granted unless required deposit is paid.