Program Goals

The mission of the Management major is to provide students with a top quality management education and the proper skill sets and real-life learning experiences for success in the twenty-first century workplace. Management strives to provide ethical values in a learning environment based on professionalism, responsibility, accountability, excellence, trust and respect. The program goals are to help students increase skills in communication, critical thinking, ethics, and business practices, so that they have the tools needed to implement change and facilitate progress in today‚Äôs complex organizations.


  1. Identify organizational challenges and develop administrative, legal, ethical, operational and technological strategies that inform managerial decisions.
  2. Recognize and use specialized language, forms, and styles appropriate to the study of management.
  3. Define and explain management theories and concepts and apply them to policy, planning, enterprise creation and general business practices.
  4. Apply mathematical formulas and equations in quantitative and qualitative subjects to analyze and interpret accounting, financial and economic data for management decision-making.
  5. Analyze, interpret and synthesize qualitative and quantitative data for oral presentations, written assignments and applied research.
  6. Examine and evaluate the impact of diversity and globalization and their influence on the internal and external environment


Course Credits
BUS 334 - Business Law 3
Bus 441 - International Business 3
ETP 320 - Entrepreneurship: Launching New Ventures 3
FIN 345 - Principles of Investments 3
MGT 343 - Leadership 3
MGT 435 - Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 437 - Human Resources Management 3
MGT 439 - Production and Operations Management 3
Total 24 credits