Pre-Law Certificate Program

Program Goals

  • To prepare students with the skills required for successful participation in law school.
  • To prepare students with values of social responsibility and a work ethic appropriate to a career in law.
  • To provide pre-law students with opportunities to exchange views and shape expectations concerning attending law school.
  • To prepare students for success with pre-law national tests.


Student Learning Goals:

  • Students will apply critical thinking and research skills to legal contexts.
  • Students will be able to write argumentative essays appropriate to legal contexts.
  • Students will be able to make oral presentations appropriate to legal contexts.
  • Students will develop skills for success with the LSAT exam.
  • Students will describe the role of race in American legal contexts.
  • Students will identify the role of values in the practice of law.


Pre-Law Certificate Program

Course Credits
PHL-217 - Critical Reasoning 3
POL-310 - Race and American Law 3
ENG-314 - Legal Analysis and Writing 3
Select one (1) of the following:
POL-400 - Legal Problem Solving and Skills Development (3)
POL-204 - Legal Systems (3)
SOC-101 - Law and Society (3)
POL-401 - Supreme Court and Constitutional Law (3)
PHL-303 - Legal Philosophy (3)
BUS-334 - Business Law (3)
COM-404 - Media Law and Ethics (3)
Total 12 credits

Other Program Requirements:
All pre-Law students are required to join and demonstrate active participation in the University’s Thurgood Marshall Society.