Early Alert Referral Program

The Early Alert Referral Program is designed to identify students who are experiencing academic difficulty early in the semester. By identifying these students, the Office of Student Support Services can address their needs, thereby increasing the likelihood of their academic success. The program aids in the early detection of students who are performing poorly in class, chronically absent or tardy, or having other problems that affect their academic performance. Early detection and communication between faculty and staff is the cornerstone of the Early Alert Referral Program. Any faculty member who is concerned about a student’s failure to attend class and/or a student’s poor performance in class is encouraged to follow the steps listed below. 


  • Step I. Create a progress report in GradesFirst by selecting the "My Courses Tab".
  • Step II. Select the course the student is enrolled in and click the "Progress Report" link Then, select the student's name and click "Create New Progress Report." A dialogue box will appear. Insert all required information and submit. Upon submission, the student, their advisor, and the Office of Student Support Services (OSSS) will be notified immediately.
  • Step III. The Office of Student Support Services staff will contact the student and arrange a consultation meeting. Staff will take the following action:
  1. discuss the faculty member’s concerns with the student;
  2. assist the student in developing an action plan for improvement;
  3. refer the student to other campus support services and resources; and
  4. encourage students to visit with the faculty member regarding the progress report.


  • How will I know my report has been received?
    • Faculty members will be notified by staff that their report has been received. 
  • Will I receive a follow-up report once the OSSS met with the student?
    • Yes. OSSS will follow a course of action to set up a meeting with the student. After consulting with the student, OSSS will provide the faculty member with a follow-up report. If a student fails to come to our office after several attempts have been made will also be provided in the follow-up report.
  • What if I meet with the student before I receive confirmation of my report and/or follow-up report?
    • If you have already met with the student and discussed your concerns, please send an email to epoe@lincoln.edu indicating the issue had been resolved.
  • Can I delete a report?
    • Yes. Simply go back to the course for which you created the report. Click Progress Reports. Select the progress report you wish to delete.