Dress Code - Career Services

REQUIRED DRESS CODE:  Interviews, Career Fairs, or Field Trips

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  • Wear conservative two-piece matching suits in colors such as black, gray, or navy blue with a simple tie with a white or blue collared shirt (No leisure suits or suits in bright colors). Dress socks should match the color of your suit.
  • All Hair should be neatly trimmed (this includes facial hair).  Men cannot wear braids.  Men with locks should ensure that they are neatly pulled back. Hair should be in your natural color without any extreme dyeing, streaking, bleaching, or tinting.
  • Jewelry – Only Wedding ring and 1 watch are acceptable
  • Earrings and all other body piercings should be removed
  • Shoes – Polished dress shoes and socks are required (Black or Cordovan colors acceptable) 


  • Wear two piece matching suits (woven polyester, tweed, wool or wool-like, cotton, or cotton-blend material) with a tailored blouse. No denim, lace, crepe satin, suede, leather, or corduroy suits. The hem of pant suits must touch the instep of your foot.  All skirts should be knee-length
  • Hosiery must always be worn.  Hosiery should be sheer or flesh tone and run-free. Texterized, patterned, or seamed hosiery is not acceptable
  • Refrain from wearing sheer blouses or shirts with plunging neck lines. Extremely tight pants or skirts are unacceptable
  • Heels –  Always wear the 2 or 3 inch classic pump, though flats are acceptable if they are leather or patent-leather material. (NO STILETTO or PLATFORM shoes).  Be sure to wear shoes you can comfortably walk in for over an hour without looking like you’re about to fall over. Shoe color should match the suit.
  • Jewelry –  No tongue rings or facial piercings of any kind; 1 small ring per hand except for a wedding ring & 1 watch; 1 small single earring in each ear; make-up should be modest and accessories should be simple (all body piercings should be removed)
  • Hair should be neatly groomed (women with locks should ensure they are neat, pulled back, or placed in a bun). Extremes in dyeing, bleaching, tinting, frosting, or streaking are NOT acceptable. If hair is dyed, it must be one natural color.
  • Makeup – Natural looking Base, blush, mascara, and lipstick.  Eyeliner and Eye shadow are permitted as long as they are natural or muted tones