Student Success and Experiential Learning Student FAQs

Students, please review the most common questions about the impacts of the COVID-19 situation on experiential learning below.

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  Center for Undergraduate Research

How does the suspension of the research symposium affect me completing my research project, and how does it impact my grade?
Treat your research project as you would if you were physically campus. You are expected to complete the project on time, and when you do so, you will receive your stipend. While you will not be presenting your work publicly at the symposium we are discussing opportunities to publish or showcase all 2020 student research symposium artifacts in the fall. More details will follow.

How will my workload change as a student researcher working for the Center for Undergraduate Research?
Students currently working for the Center for Undergraduate Research should have received an email from Dr. Lynch regarding completing their work requirements. For further questions contact

  Community Service & Engagement

How can I enter, track, and verify my service hours?
Students should log into Engaged Lincoln Lions using your Lincoln email and click add impact. Enter your service information and the servicing community partner’s, contact information. Correspondence will be sent to the community partner as well as the Office of Community Service and Engagement. If you experience any challenges, please forward a letter on the community partner’s letterhead that includes your name and service hours to Natasha Faison for verification.

How do I verify my approved service hours? I want to include experiences to assist with supporting materials, such as a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, graduate school application, scholarship service requirements, personal statements, and Interviews.
Log into Engaged Lincoln Lions using your Lincoln email and click dashboard under your name to view your verified hours. Also, click summary under your name to view or print the engagement summary.

View a comprehensive list of Community Service & Engagement FAQs.

  Career Development and Student Employment

How can I get help with crafting and developing my resume or conducting my job search?
Contact the Office of Career Development at 484-365-7102 for assistance or to schedule a phone appointment. Also, you may create a profile at Handshake and upload your completed resume to gain access to thousands of employers and graduate schools locally and nationally. All services are also available to alumni and graduate students.

I am currently a student worker. Will I get paid to the end of my contract date?
Contact your hiring manager to discuss how and if work assignments/projects can be completed while not physically on campus. If you will continue working, your paycheck will be deposited as usual. If you cannot complete your work assignments/projects while not physically on campus, your pay will reflect hours physically worked.

Student workers at Lincoln are employed in one of three ways:

  1. Institutional Work Aid: If work/projects can be completed remotely, you will be paid.
  2. Federal Work-Study: Career Development has compiled a list of active student workers and all hiring supervisors have determined whether or not your work assignment will continue. Supervisors will contact student workers to develop a contingency plan so that work may continue. Please contact your hiring manager and payroll will be informed accordingly to the determination.
  3. Grant-funded Work-Study: See the same answer as #2 above. Supervisors will contact student workers to develop a contingency plan so that work may continue.
  Office of Internship Services

I am in the process of applying for an internship opportunity. Who do I contact for assistance with items such as the application, resume, cover letter, mock interview, personal statement or housing?

Please contact the Office of Internship Services at for remote assistance.

What summer internship opportunities are available now for summer 2020?
Search opportunities on Engaged Lincoln Lions and Career Development’s Handshake. Keep in mind, to search and apply you must login, create your profile, and upload your resume. Should you need help, contact

What training or workshops are available to increase my competitive advantage to secure an internship?

The Office of Internship Services will host virtual professional development workshops via Zoom for the remainder of the semester. View the list of works under the events tab on Engaged Lincoln Lions.

Should you have additional questions or need help, please contact Internship Services at or 484-365-7696, Crystal Faison at, Kimberly Dotson-Brown at

  Office of International Programs

I am an International Student and have questions regarding upcoming expectations?

Contact the Office of International Programs, Dr. Dafina Diabate (

484-365-7785) and or Terri Joseph (, 484-365-7786) will be able to assist you.