Opera and Musical Theater Workshop

The Lincoln University Opera and Musical Theater Workshop is a class open to all Lincoln University students.

Enrollment is based upon a vocal, acting, and dancing audition and/or approval of the instructor. During this class, students will be exposed to all aspects related to rehearsing and performing an opera and/or musical theater production including successfully learning and performing a musical theater and/or operatic role; developing college-level acting skills; and improving personal vocal technique and healthy vocal production.

The culmination of this class is a presentation of high quality, staged opera and/or musical theater production. Students interested in costume design, makeup, set design, stage crew, and the technical aspects (lights and sound) involved in a fully staged production are also encouraged to participate in this class.

Recent productions include Dreamgirls (2018), On Broadway: A Musical Revue in Word, Song and Dance (2019), and The Wiz (2020).

To learn more, contact Dr. Camilla J. Horne


Opera Workshop Reflection

Student MaKenna shared this reflection on her spring 2020 experience rehearing for "The Wiz:"

I chose to sing the pit singers part of “He’s the Wiz” because it was my favorite song that we rehearsed and in my opinion one of the best out of all of the songs we sang with the soloists. This song is really fun and upbeat, I would have loved to have performed it on stage with E.A. and the other pit singers. I truly enjoyed Opera Workshop this semester, rehearsals were always productive and because our cast was so small, everyone seemed to get along extremely well. I
was excited to see how costumes and makeup were going to be for the musical, especially once we got the feel of running through both acts. My experience was great overall and I would love to join Opera Workshop again next semester (fingers crossed)!