FAQs- Thorn Flats

Thorn Flats Bus Schedule

Is Thorn Flats only housing for students?

  • Yes, students must be enrolled in 12 credits minimun per semester to be eligable for housing.

How long are your housing assignments?

  • Housing Assignments are generally 9 months in term. No individual student will ever need to sign a lease unless they elect to not enroll in the housing process with the university.

Are pets allowed?

  • No pets allowed except - service animals for which the proper paperwork is required contact ggarlic@lincoln.edu for more information. 

Is there medical housing? 

  • Thorn Flats does not provide medical housing.

Can I have a vehicle?

  • Each student who owns a vehicle - must register the vehicle with Thorn Flats Area Coordinator. 

Do you provide Internet access?

  • There is internet provided by Comcast in unit - no need to purchase a router.

What amenities does the Leasing Center have?

  • The leasing center has amenities including a new fitness center, swimming pool, resident lounge, and much more! Please note that such amenities will not be available for use until 2021 as it is under renovation.

Is there furniture? 

  • The apartments come with the following items: (Kitchen) - stove, refrigerator and dishwasher, (Living room)  - couch, dining room- table and two chairs, bedroom- a bed, desk, desk chair, nightstand, and dresser.

What is the apartment layout? 

  • The living room and (Room A) come equipped with AC. The (B room) - opposite the restroom does not come with A/C. Unfortunately, students are not allowed to insert a wall unit nor does the University provide free-standing units.

Can I choose my roommate? 

  • Yes, you have the option during housing selection only to choose a roommate.

Can I be released from my lease if my roommate and I do not get along?

  • Attending college and deciding to live in a student community often means living with a roommate. If problems arise, the first point of contact is the Resident Advisor and then the Area Coordinator if the RAs are not able to assist. 

What if I have a maintenance request?

  • Work orders are to be processed through the Area Coordinator by way of email during business hours. (9am-5pm) After business hours, if you have a work order you can call the office at 302–894-9171 to provide your name, unit number, work order request, and call back number.

When is check-in/check-out?

  • Check-in is from the beginning of the school year, approximately with in the last two weeks of August, and check-out is during May. If an earlier arrival is required, contact the Area Coordinator for Thorn Flats. 

What happens if not I’m financially cleared by the University?

  • You can't check in to Thorn Flats without Financial Clearance or completing the housing selection process on time. 

 Are utilities covered through my room and board?

  • Yes, utilities are included in your tuition payment.

What happens to my meal plan?

  • Thorn Flats residents can elect to opt-out of the meal plan option before add/drop closes or change to a commuter meal plan.

Do I have to leave during breaks?

  • No. Students can continue to reside at Thorn Flats during Thanksgiving, Christmas Spring break, but must completely check out for the summer months

What happens if I lose my keys or if I am locked out of my apartment?

  • During business hours Thorn Flats will unlock your door free of charge only after proper identification is presented. However, after business hours a $50 cash fee is required to regain entry to the unit. This fee will not be charged to your account as it must be presented to the Thorn Flats personnel upon arrival. 

Since I’m off-campus, do I have to follow on-campus rules?

  • You are a Lincoln student on and off-campus, therefore you must adhere to the rules as set out in the student handbook and as instructed by Area Coordinator.

If I am in a situation do I call Public Safety or 911?

  • Thorn Flats residents must first reach out to their RA. If their RAs are unavailable during business hours, students must call/email Area Coordinator.

Is there going to be a shuttle?

  • What are the shuttle times? Please click on the link at the top of the page (Thorn Flats Bus Schedule) to see the schedule. 
  • Is the shuttle free?
    • Yes, for students who have a valid Lincoln University ID, with a validation sticker for that semester.

Are on-campus students able to visit students living in Thorn Flats?

  • Yes, they can visit. 

 Are we granted property insurance since we no longer live on campus?

  • If insurance is not provided by Lincoln then residents are required to obtain renters insurance and provide Thorn Flats with a copy

 What happens if I get kicked out of Thorn Flats?

  • Any student found in violation of the housing contract will be relocated to campus housing.

Will there be room checks/inspections?

  • Yes, there will be normal apartment inspections. Monthly Health & Safety inspections are carried out on the apartments. 

What happens if I violate the student code of conduct on the main campus?

  • You follow the usual judiciary process. 

Will Thorn Flats receive commuter status?

  • The student can elect to become a commuter filling out the commuter form found under the Student Success menu on the webpage and returning it to Ms. Sweet in the Student Success Office