Career Fair Preparation

How to Prepare for the Career Fair

  1. Read through the list of registered hiring organizations and graduate/professional schools and use the websites provided for each organization to do some research. The goal is to pick out your favorite FIVE (5) organizations.
  2. International Students:  The list will indicate in the far right column whether they hire students with "F1 Visas"(sponsor) or not.
  3. Customize your resume(s) to fit the needs of each of your "favorite 5" organizations-especially in your Objectives, Skills (Areas of Interest), Work Experience, and Activities.
  4. Develop and practice a "one-minute" speech that does the following:
    1. Introduce yourself (Name, Major, Hometown, and the Title of Job or Internship of interest).
    2. State the program(s), product(s), and / or service(s) of the employer that interest you.
    3. Express why you are a good choice for the organization based on their minimum requirements (GPA, Major, Prior Work or Volunteer Experience relevant to employer).
  5. Prepare and write down at least three (3) questions specific to each of the employers on the list you are interested in – questions should be based on our research of their website:
  6. Students who plan to visit any Graduate/Professional School: bring 1 copy of your unofficial transcript to show each representative you plan to meet with.
    1. Be prepared to mention the name of the academic program you’re interested in (example:  Master of Public Health).
    2. Be prepared to mention at least one professor that you’d like as a mentor based on something from their background that matches your career interests.
  7. Prepare at least 2 copies of your tailored resume (must be approved by Career Services) for each organization from the list you’re interested in. NOTE: Bring a (preferably leather) portfolio.
  8. Prepare 15 copies of your “general” resume for visits with other organizations outside your top 5, and an upbeat and positive demeanor and personality.
  9. Prepare all dress items for your fair:  a suit (visit Career Services for help), dress shirt & tie / blouse, dress shoes (men), 2- or 3-inch classic pump heels (women), hosiery (women), and dress socks the same color as suit (men).

The Day of the Career Fair

  1. Before "browsing" all the organizations at the Career Fair, visit your "favorite 5" organizations first and pre-determine which order you will visit each one! You may pick up a map of organizations for the Career Fair when you visit the registration desk to check in. NOTE:  This process should take no longer than 5 minutes at the registration table and 5 minutes per table that you choose to visit. 
  2. Remember to have firm handshakes and a warm smile.
  3.  Collect a business card from every representative that you meet at the Career Fair. You should write (or e-mail) a professional thank you note to each representative within 24 hours of your conversation.