Student Employment Program

The Office of Student Support Services administers the Student Employment Program comprised of Federal Work Study, Institutional Work Aid, and Grants and Sponsored Programs.  The program is designed to assist students in obtaining part-time employment to help offset the cost of their education.  Jobs are available on campus with University departments and off-campus with community service organizations. See available positions:


Student Employment Program FAQs 

View Frequently Asked Questions and answers about the Student Employment Program


Important Student Employment Program Dates

View important dates for the Student Employment Program


Student Employment Orientation 

Take the Student Employment Orientation Quiz

  • You must pass quiz with at least an 100% to receive your Student Employment Contractual Agreement.  Remember, you cannot begin working without a Student Employment Contractual Agreement.
  • Before taking quiz, you must enter your name, Quiz password is LINCOLN (enter using all caps), and Student ID#.
  • A certificate of completion will generate if you pass the quiz.  
  • Print certificate.

Student Employee Forms and Resources

Supervisor Orientation

Take the Superviseor Online Quiz (for Department Supervisors only)

  • You must enter your name, email address, & phone extension.
  • Quiz is password protected.  Enter password listed within the memo sent by Student Employment Program Office.  Password must be entered in ALL CAPS.
  • You must pass quiz with at least an 80%.
  • You must print certificate issued upon passing quiz.  Send copy of certificate to Student Employment Office.

Supervisor Forms and Resources