Membership Eligibility

The interested student must:

  1. Be a full-time student.
  2. Have a minimum of 30 credits must have completed at least one (1) semester at Lincoln.
  3. Have a minimum cumulative University grade point average of 2.70. The Office of Student Life and Development certifies  scholastic standing of prospective members. Students should be aware that the organization’s national office may have a higher GPA requirement. If this is the case, the national GPA criterion is required for application to the organization. If the national GPA is lower than the University’s requirement, the University’s GPA  criterion is required for application.
  4. Have no current or delinquent conduct infractions on file with the Dean of Students.
  5. Participate in a minimum of 4 (four) community service hours (either sponsored by the Office of Student Life or coordinated by the individual student), a Service Learning project (coordinated by the student), or an off-campus community service  project, for its duration approved by the Office of Student Life and Development. Credit is given to those projects approved through the Office of Student Life and Development (whether sponsored by Student Life or by the individual student). All Student Life & Development service projects will be announced via student mail, unless otherwise stated. Students must  contact the office of Student Life BEFORE coordinating the service project off campus to ensure that it meets requirements.
  6. Must attend the campus wide information session for all active University sororities, fraternities, and social fellowships, which will be scheduled twice in the academic year (once in the fall, once in the spring) by the Office of Student Life and  Development.

See Student Handbook