WRC Peer Tutors

The peer-tutoring program is an important part of our educational mission as a university-based writing center. The program offers undergraduates the opportunity to work closely over the long term with Writing Center faculty and graduate students who are deeply interested in writing and teaching.

Our peer tutors are: 

Taylor Brookins: taylor.brookins@lincoln.edu  

Marcos Castillo: marcos.castillo@lincoln.edu

Lynnazia Davis: lynnazia.davis@lincoln.edu

Ahyanna Grant: ahyanna.grant@lincoln.edu

Sarye Huggins: sarye.huggins@lincoln.edu

Stefanie Jordan: stefanier.jordan@lincoln.edu

Jasmine Newton: jasmine.newton@lincoln.edu

Tadia Nicholson: tadia.nicholson@lincoln.edu

Madison Washington: madison.washington@lincoln.edu

Craig Watson: craig.watson@lincoln.edu