Registration FAQs

  • What is the Add/Drop period?
    Add/Drop is the time at the beginning of the semester where you can adjust your schedule and/or enrollment without penalty.  Please see the academic calendar for specific dates.  Please be sure to see your advisor with questions.
  • When can I revise my schedule (Add/Drop)?
    You may revise your schedule online, if you are eligible, any time after you have registered.  Refer to the academic calendar for deadlines to add or drop courses.
  • If I drop a class, will it be deleted from my schedule?
    Dropping classes by the deadline published in the academic calendar will result in the removal of the class from your schedule. After that date you may withdraw from a class but it will be removed from your schedule and appear on your transcript with a grade of “W”. You are also responsible for full payment of tuition and fees for withdrawals processed after the drop deadline, except as outlined in the University's Tuition and Fees Refund Policy.
  • What Is WebAdvisor?
    WebAdvisor is a web-based, real-time system that allows access to register for classes as well as view your academic and financial records. You log in using your assigned user id and password. WebAdvisor is available seven days a week.
  • What Is Mandatory Registration? 
    Continuing student registration is the period in which all currently enrolled students should register. This registration period is intended to give preference to all continuing students by matriculation and class level, ensuring that they are able to schedule classes before new students. This date-regulated process ensures fairness to all students and provides them with the best access to our computerized registration system. Register at your earliest opportunity to get the best selection of classes and the most convenient class schedule. See the Academic Calendars and Registration Information for your start dates and other important information.
  • What must I do to register?
    If you are an undergraduate student, you should obtain your Program Evaluation from WebAdvisor to assist you with your remaining course selections and determine the number of semester hours you have completed. Be sure to see your advisor to have your schedule approved and the hold lifted.
  • Must I register through WebAdvisor?
    Registration through WebAdvisor is MANDATORY provided you remain academically eligible. Your user ID and password will provide access to this registration system.
  • Must I see an advisor if I register on WebAdvisor?
    Initially, all students are required to see their advisor prior to initial registration for any semester. Although an advisor's signature is not required once you have registered or add/drop online. You are encouraged to meet with your advisor at any time that you have questions
  • You are responsible for following your college guidelines and for meeting course prerequisites.
    Undergraduates should refer to their major sequence sheet or go to the WebAdvisor and click on the course for prerequisite information. Prerequisite information can also be found in the Academic Catalog.
  • Are there any courses that are not available through WebAdvisor?
    Some courses require special written permission. You can only add these sections at your campus registration office by presenting a signed form. You can obtain the form from the Office of the Registrar or your academic department.
  • How do I know my degree requirements?
    Undergraduate students and their advisors use the Program Evaluation system to plan and track a student's academic career at Lincoln. It shows how a student's course work to date, including transferred courses, will fulfill the academic requirements necessary to complete their degree in the major field of study. A "What-if" Program Evaluation allows students to see how their completed course work would apply and what requirements would still need to be fulfilled, if they change their selection of major(s). Students can access their Program Evaluation through WebAdvisor. 
  • If a course is canceled, do I have to drop it from my schedule?
    A course will be automatically deleted from your schedule when the department officially cancels it. If you want to drop the course prior to formal cancellation by the department, you may do so.
  • If I do not attend classes, will my money be refunded?
    Once you are registered, you become liable for full payment of all charges assumed at registration. Simply failing to attend a class does not change the payment due or entitle you to a refund. To cancel the financial liability for a registration, you must drop the course(s) on WebAdvisor, at your campus registration office, or with your academic advisor no later than the last day to drop of the drop/add period. If you withdraw from a class after this date, the course will remain on your record as a withdrawal and you will be responsible for full payment of all tuition and fees.