Taking Courses at Other Institutions

View the Lincoln University 2019-2020 Catalog located on the Registrar's web page for course descriptions to compare your requested course description with ours. 

These descriptions begin on page 239.  Make sure the course you select has the same requirements as Lincoln's course.

You will also be able to download and fill out the Request for Permission form from the web page.

The procedure for requesting permission to take a course at another institution is as follows:        

  1. Fill out in its entirety the "Request for Permission" form found on the Registrar's web page.
  2. Be sure to put your name and ID number on the form.
  3. Sign your form.
  4. Have your academic advisor or department chair sign the form. The Registrar's Office will not accept forms without signatures. It is your responsibility to secure all the required signatures. Department chairs and advisors can be reached via email.
  5. Completely fill out the form. Be sure to include the name and number of the course from the other institution. Also include the name and number of the Lincoln course it will be replacing.
  6. Print out the course description from the institution where you will be taking the course.
    1. NOTE: Online courses at Straighterline will not be approved.
  7. Print your Lincoln University unofficial transcript from WebAdvisor.
  8. Scan and email all the above information to (form, course description, and transcript) to mparisan@lincoln.edu
  9. Be sure all required information and signatures are provided as requested, otherwise, the approval process will take longer.

As soon as the math course has been approved by the department chair, the permission form will be forwarded by the department to the Registrar's Office and a copy will be sent to you via your Lincoln email address. If your course is not approved, you will be notified so that you may submit another request.